Las Vegas Shooting

Kennady Christensen, Section Reporter

On Sunday evening, October 1, 2017 a mass shooting took place at a concert in Las Vegas. “At least 59 people were killed (including the shooter), and 527 people were injured, making it the worst shooting in modern U.S. history,” according to CNN.

The concert was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, an outdoor country music concert. Country singer Jason Aldean was performing when the gunshots began. “It lasted for 10 to 15 minutes” said witness Rachel de Kerf. The police are still investigating the crime and why the shooter did what he did.

The shooter has been described by news outlets as a gambler, lone wolf, and former accountant, but not as a terrorist. Many people are debating whether or not the shooting was an act of terrorism, but nobody can be sure unless they know the shooter’s true motive.