Leadership upcoming events

Layla Rathsack, Section Reporter

Today I interviewed Mike Hoque from leadership which is a class where learning opportunities for students, professionals, and the system, and motivating or compelling participants to take advantage of these opportunities at Fremont Middle School. To see what his upcoming events are and how they’re doing with online and hybrid learning.

Right now they’re in the middle of Classified appreciation week. They made posters and gave the classified employees Pizza. They also started the anti-bullying month. Leadership students connected with classmates who were in need of a friend. Along with that they made posters and are considering making bracelets as well. Later in the year, they would like to have another spirit week or two, They would also like to have a walk-a-thon and the can food drive still. leadership would also like to do a thing called MATP Which is a Special Olympics For the DLC kids. Any sporting events they help with. They would also like to include a staff-student event this year. All of those have to meet The Covid standards though. If the covid numbers go down they want to try and have an outside dance. They’re also going to have a teacher appreciation week.

The leadership Students are having to read a book right now called 7 habits of a healthy teen. Due to covid-19, he said these events will be harder to plan because everything has to be approved. He said that leadership is doing really well with hybrid and online learning and you thought it would be way harder than it is but it’s been a lot of fun. Also, he said that in some ways it’s going better because there are fewer kids so they can focus better. Mr.Hoque said that his kids are doing good with distance learning. Some of his students would rather stay online or the parents want them to. they don’t get to do as much as the other kids but they still are very involved. As a teacher, he said he was very adaptable to it or as much as he could be. He said that his dad always said “Keep it simple stupid and you’ll go far” and he said he’s always live by that.