Lettuce Lunch!


Kaia Edwards, Section Reporter

If you attend Fremont, you are well aware of this year’s lunchtime. Students are allowed 15 minutes to eat, and 15 minutes outside. Even with the exception we stay inside, thirty minutes minus the time it takes to clean up, collect yourself, be excused, and not to mention get your food, is not enough time. Furthermore, students that stay inside because they are not finished eating are now at a loss of outdoor time. For adolescents our age, exercise and socialization is extremely important. According to the CDC, Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity each day” (CDC.gov). How are students able to experience this if they don’t even have time to finish their food? 

Not to mention the situation of students only having physical education class for one semester. Is our school simply doing the bare minimum of requirements? If so, it needs to be changed. While there are students who would disagree, 45 minutes at most is not enough exercise for students our age. 

I also asked a few students to speak about their opinions on lunch time. “If you have to wait for lunch, you have about 5 minutes to eat…” V. Vasser states that they also have no time to clean up, and essentially have to, “scarf down their food to be on time.”Students who get less than 20 minutes to eat leave a lot of food uneaten on their trays”, said Juliana Cohen, a public health and nutrition professor at Merrimack College and Harvard University’s School of Public Health. “They are more likely to receive a school meal and they will be standing in that line,” said Cohen (edweek.org).

In conclusion, students at Fremont both need and deserve a healthier amount of time for lunch period. Many studies, articles, and public health administrators say that we need more than we have. So give us the lunch time we need!