Middle of the Middle


Ryne Wilson, Section Editor

Recently, Fremont has hosted an event for its seventh graders that is quite monumental in celebrating the efforts of its students. It was a festivity to commemorate all the students who have made it through half of middle school, and the determination and hard work that it took to push through the challenges of Fremont thus far. The event was called the Middle of the Middle, and it was the first ever celebration of its sort in the history of our middle school.

The celebration was hosted in the cafeteria, and the entire room was packed with students and teachers. Everyone was offered free breakfast and the ability to seat themselves wherever they pleased. It was a large social event, and many seventh graders had the opportunity to congregate with each other. However, the highlight of the event was the speeches given by Principal Bentea and Mr. Hoque, a seventh grade social studies teacher and the advisor for Leadership. 

Mr. Hoque’s speech was given to remind the students that they can only progress in life not if they ace all their classes, or are extremely good at sports, or massively involve themselves in extracurricular activities, but if they have the grit and determination to reach their goals. Lucas Twibell, a seventh grader who attended the Middle of the Middle, said that Mr. Hoque’s speech was “Quite inspirational. It got me thinking about my future, and I will definitely try and apply what Mr. Hoque said into my life.”

Overall, the entire event was an extremely successful celebration of the efforts of our seventh graders thus far. Most students enjoyed having a free period to spend time with their peers and friends to commemorate their survival of a very long and enduring school year, and their endurance to tolerate COVID restrictions and distance learning. The first half of middle school for our seventh graders is one like no other–and definitely worth celebrating getting through.