Middle School vs. Elementary

Sophia Standley, Section Reporter

What’s better, middle school or elementary? If you asked a sixth grader, there is a high chance that they would say elementary, having spent more time there which gave them more time to make memories. If you asked a seventh or eighth grader, however, they would probably say middle school. They could have completely forgotten about what they experienced in elementary, or just made more/ better memories.
Isaac Standley thinks just noting the rules, “I like Fremont more, because in my elementary we weren’t allowed to listen to music at all. In Fremont we can. My personal view on the elementary that I went to is that it was really, really nice. But I really didn’t like the rules and if I think about memories, I enjoyed elementary more, because that’s when I got my first friends. I can’t decide which teachers I like the most; it’s like picking a favourite child. Wait, that’s easy; it’s more like picking a favorite Dutch Bros. drink.”
Another seventh grader thinks, regarding rules, they kind of prefer Fremont. Well, other than a few select rules that sometimes really get on their nerves. The teachers are nice. They’ve never hated or disliked a teacher, because they think they’re all great in their own wacky way. But regarding memories, they still prefer Fremont.
However, if I think about it, I only went to one elementary school–Green Elementary. I loved that school, and all the teachers and the rules were just perfect, but that was a few years ago. I’ve heard from my brother (who’s in sixth grade now) that the rules kind of stink nowadays. I don’t doubt it, because we all know rules change. Sometimes they get more enjoyable, sometimes they don’t. It’s not something any of us can really control. I still prefer the old rules of that place to the ones here, but the current rules at Green I don’t prefer over the ones at Fremont.
Regarding the memories I’ve made, I prefer Green. Almost all the memories I’ve made that I quite enjoy were from elementary, but also the majority of the ones I didn’t enjoy. Regarding teachers, I can’t decide. I’ve never once had a teacher that I didn’t like. They’re all nice and have just beautiful personalities. It’s always hard to pick a favorite.