Mr. Hughes

Lilly Macias, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Hughes is the new assistant principal here at Fremont Middle School. He was born and raised here in Douglas County. He used to work at West Intermediate Elementary School in Sutherlin, where he was a fifth grade teacher. Mr. Hughes resigned from his job there and got a job here at Fremont!

Mr. Hughes loves his job here for many reasons. First Mr. Hughes enjoys how welcoming we were towards him. Secondly he loves how ever changing his job is. He could be helping a kid one minute and then having a serious meeting another. One thing worth adding is how impressed he was with quality of students here at Fremont.

On his own time Mr. Hughes loves spending time with his family and their dog. Mr. Hughes also has hobbies outside of school including Camping, barbecuing on the weekend with family and friends.

One thing Mr. Hughes wants students to know it to keep up the good work and remember to General Up!