Mr. Lee Gone To Cuba!

Emilie Pressel, Section Reporter


Everybody in Fremont knows or has seen Mr. Lee around the school at least once. He was a nice, good teacher at Fremont who has definitely made some sacrifices! Last year, for a fundraiser that would help our school, he did some funny things! He dyed his eyebrows rainbow! He shaved off the hair that fell to his shoulders, and more! We all love Mr. Lee, and it’s really sad to see him go, but leaving the United States to work for the Department of Defense as a teacher was his dream, and we must encourage him.

Mr. Lee is a traveler; he has been all over the world! He enjoys finding new cultures and meeting new people. This, again,was a huge opportunity for him. He will be able to teach the teachers how to use new technology, such as computers, projectors, and more! Think about all of the technology your teachers use. Now imagine the whole school without it!

Mr. Lee thought that he was going to stay here for a while, like five to ten years. But, on the way home from a vacation, he got a call from the Department Of Defense. They asked Mr. Lee if he was interested in going to Cuba, and at first he claimed he was not, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that it would be very fun!

Mr. Lee’s new job title is Educational Technologist. An Educational Technologist is someone who teaches teachers how to use technology. He is working in a classroom, but he will not be teaching students as much any more.

Mr. Lee will be moving to a military base called Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It is at the very southern edge of Cuba. It is a pretty close community, so there is a lot of people who know each other. Guantanamo Bay has a beach, so you can go scuba-diving. He says that every once and awhile, an iguana will come and just walk next to you and chill, so thats nice!