Mr. Polamalu

Catelynrose Hardin, Editor-in-Chief

At Fremont Middle School, we don’t get new counselors very often, so we are excited to introduce Mr. Polamalu. Mr. Polamalu is the new counselor at Fremont Middle School. He’s from Roseburg and graduated from Roseburg High School, he then went to Oregon State to get his degree in speech communication. “I’ve enjoyed working with students and found out I like helping younger generations to be successful,” said Mr. Polamalu. He decided to be a counselor at Fremont because it was an opportunity to get close to home and be around family. He likes being a counselor because he gets to work with others and that everyday is different, he just gets to move along with it. 

Respect is an important word to Mr. Polamalu because, “I think it’s something that people build relationships and communication with.” Coaching, spending time with family, and camping are some of Mr. Polamalu’s hobbies. He has a shih tzu named Obi who travels with him and his wife on trips. Mr. Polamalu or, “Chicken Joe” worked at a Ten Mile store for his first job. He got the nickname “Chicken Joe” because he cooked chicken at the Ten Mile store. 

Mr. Polamalu is getting to know a lot of staff and what’s amazing about it is that he gets to build relationships with them and students. Since Mr. Polamalu likes working at Fremont we should keep up the good work!