Mrs. Hayden

Aly McNett , Section Reporter

Come on down to the seventh grade hall to visit the new teachers at Fremont!  One of these teachers includes seventh grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Hayden. Mrs Hayden is also the Journalism teacher, which she teaches during third period.

Mrs. Hayden moved to Roseburg from Grants Pass, Oregon and was a student teacher at North Valley High School last year. At this time she was also working to complete her Masters in Teaching at Southern Oregon University.  

She enjoys singing karaoke, reading, playing with her dogs and going swimming in her free time. Mrs. Hayden says her favorite thing about working at Fremont Middle School is all her students because they make her job worth doing. She adores all of her co-workers however she is closer to Ms. Chasteen, her teaching partner.  

Mrs. Hayden states that she is extremely happy to be working at Fremont and she’s very glad that all the students and teachers are welcoming to her new presence.  The most important star value to her is perseverance because she believes it’s important to stick with your goals, even when things get hard. So make sure to come and see Mrs. Hayden and have a fun time getting to know her.