Mrs. Ibarra

Edgar Araiza, Section Reporter

Mrs. Ibarra was born in California and moved to Oregon twenty one years ago with two brothers. She went to eight different schools! She went to three different schools for elementary school, middle school, and high school, but the crazy thing is that she enrolled in five different colleges! The reason for that is that she did not choose a career yet. She spent half of her time staying in the outdoors because, her husband is a physical therapist and she had a job being the office manager of her husband’s practice so, she needed time to go outside. They already have children big enough to take care of themselves, so Mrs. Ibarra decided to switch her career, to become a teacher.
She went back to college to get a master’s degree to get into the classroom. When she got it, she was a substitute teachers for two years. Then she was hired to be on staff at Fremont and she loves her job.