Mrs. Scaboro-Youmans

Catelynrose Hardin, Editor-in-Chief

A lot of people enjoy science, and Mrs. Scaboro-Youmans, or Mrs. Stacie for short, is no exception. Mrs. Stacie is the new eighth grade science teacher. She is from Swainsboro, Georgia and moved to Roseburg because her children wanted to attend Oregon State and because of the beautiful views. Mrs. Stacie wanted to start teaching because she always looked up to her teachers due to how well dressed and spoken they were. 

Mrs. Stacie says, “I chose to teach science because it is cool and you have to have it as a basic understanding.” Her favorite thing about science is the labs, she says that they are interactive and that the kids can have fun and learn from them. What Mrs. Stacie likes about Fremont are the students, they’re different and have different personalities, but yet they are the same. An important star value to Mrs. Stacie is integrity because integrity tells you a lot about a person, if someone has integrity, then they are a good person. 

Some of her hobbies outside of school are: hiking, camping, reading, listening to music, and watching tv. She loves any type of music, but she isn’t the biggest fan of the new country music. She cares about students a lot, so let’s show the new science teacher our Fremont spirit!