Ms. Chasteen

Lilly Macias, Editor-in-Chief

Walking down the 7th grade hallway there is two new language arts teachers, one of them is Mrs. Chasteen. Prior to working at Fremont she lived in Portland, Oregon and worked at West Linn High. Although she loved her job at West Linn, the job here was too good to pass up.

Mrs. Chasteen really likes her job here at Fremont Middle School. Although she has not been here long, she has close teaching friends here such as Mrs. Hayden. Her and Mrs. Hayden got close because they are teaching partners this year.

Mrs. Chasteen loves her job here because she was very surprised on how welcoming everyone was here. She is very thankful for all the support. 

Mrs. Chasteen was asked if she had anything else to add and this is what she said, “ I want tacos. I’m really hungry.¨