Music in 2021


Sage Meyer, Section Reporter

I asked some people around Fremont what their favorite song was and made it kind of like a poll. There was a very wide variety. I noticed that most of the songs fit the person’s personality. I asked my friend Kristy what her favorite song is and she said, “Wait a Minute by WILLOW.” The genre of the song is Alternative/ Indie. “Wait a Minute” matches her personality although she does not know it. I think your favorite song most likely matches your personality if you just pay attention.

I asked one of my classmates, Kaia, what her favorite song is and she said, “Mrs. Magic by Strawberry Guy.” The genre of this song is very mythical and calm. Yet again this matches her. It got me thinking there are so many different people and so many different genres, so I did a poll.The most popular song genres of the people of John C. Fremont middle school are pop and rap. 

I am not surprised at these results because of Tik Tok. There are a lot of pop and rap songs on Tik Tok and more people have Tik Tok than  Instagram. A lot of the songs I recognized from Tik Tok and a lot of people just said “from Tik Tok ” when I asked how they knew it. On that note I am done ranting about music, and also going to listen to some new music.