Name Brand or Store Brand?

Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

There are food, clothing, skin care, and many more items that are either name brand or store brand. Name brands are more expensive and have better quality, and store brands are cheaper, but supposedly lower quality. Are the store brands better than the name brands? Is there really a difference? Why are name brands so expensive? Well I think name brand foods are better, but I would only go for the store brand if I don’t want to waste a lot of cash.

People would have to decide if they would want to waste a little extra cash for better quality or save money for the lower quality item. That is why people would want to buy the cheaper store brand products than the expensive name brand. Chefs and doctors do buy generic or store brands as well. “And chefs are more likely than the general public to buy generic food,” National Public Radio said.

All of these experts do buy some store brand things as well. Take wheat bread as an example, though. Consumer Reports says, “Their textures are similar— soft—but their tastes are not. Freihofer’s (26 cents per two slices) has mild grain and malt flavors and a caramel color, plus a burnt top that adds bitterness. Hy-Vee (14 cents per two slices) looks almost like white bread. It has a yeasty, sourdough like flavor and slight off-tastes. So if someone wants to go for Hy-Vee, a yeasty, sourdough like flavor of wheat bread and looks like white bread, then go for it. I would just go for a wheat bread that doesn’t have a slight off taste to it.

Some name brand products like clothing can cost more, because they have detailed and expensive trimmings and generally a brand name has a reputation. A shirt from Supreme can be thousands of dollars, but it is literally just a shirt with the word “Supreme” on it. Now that is something I don’t get; I mean, I know it may look nice, but it is a shirt with the logo on it. I think there is a slight difference on the quality and the price of the product.

To answer the question about whether or not the name brand products are better than the store brand. I think in food, yes the brand name is better. With clothing, I think I would go for whatever feels comfortable, unless it costs way too much. For skin care, some store brand products work and I normally buy the store brand products, because they cost less and they actually work. That is why I think that some name brands are better than the store brands.