New Changes at Fremont


Jenna Fay and Seira Lee


Fremont Middle School has been approved! But by who and what? Recently, Fremont was approved by Blue Zone Project for being a safe, respectful, and healthy school! Blue Zones is a program that promotes healthier eating habits and also helps many places, like schools, make smarter choices about their food. The Blue Zone project aims to increase physical activity in school, implement tobacco free policies, and encourage better eating habits.

Jenna Fay from The Fremont General Outlook interviewed Mr. Bentea, the principal of Fremont Middle School. The school has already changed some of the food choices in the vending machines for healthier snacks. Mr. Bentea quotes, “We’re not intending to change the school, just switching some choices, like healthier rewards, more parent involvement, and more fun, healthier choices just in general!”

The Blue Zone Project also has shirts and Mr. Bentea definitely wants to bring those to school to pass out! According to Mr. Bentea, Fremont had many things already Blue Zone approved, which made getting approved pretty easy. Mr. Bentea is thinking about putting together a The Blue Zone Project club that would meet after school, do community service, and raise awareness about Blue Zone.

We got approved for having healthy choices. Fremont doesn’t keep vending machines open all day, we provide gym and activity, a staff team that promotes positive behavior, and we were willing to have healthy alternative choices! 

The Blue Zone Project is involved in many community service activities and you can join along! Just go to their facebook: Blue Zone Project- Umpqua!