New Choir/Drama Teacher at Fremont

Alice Graham, Section Editor

Mrs. Stacey Atwell-Keister is a new teacher here at Fremont Middle school. She came to Fremont when times were hard because of the virus Covid-19. So she had to adjust to how school is now just like how the students have had too over the last year.

Mrs. Atwell-Keister is the new choir and drama teacher here at Fremont. She said, “I chose choir and drama because I’ve always enjoyed choir and drama is an added bonus.”

Mrs. Atwell-Keister came to Fremont so she could concentrate on doing the thing she loves, teaching choir. Both of them like Fremont so far and how everyone here is nice and how the students behave.

A fun fact about Mrs. Atwell-Keister is that she used to sing Friday night at a Jewish temple in New York City. She got her degree at Ithaca College for her degree.