Welcome to Fremont, Mrs. Wersal!

Welcome to Fremont, Mrs. Wersal!

Kristy Frickey, Section Reporter

Sarah Wersal, known as Mrs. Wersal, is a teacher here at Fremont Middle School. She just started working here about one month ago. She started working here this school year when she and her husband (Mr. Wersal) recently moved to Roseburg from Wisconsin. They both wanted to move so they applied for this school district and it worked out for everyone.

This might sound weird, but I was super curious about her name. A name’s backstory can be interesting and I wanted to hear it. She said that  Sarah was the only name that both her mom and dad could agree on and  pretty much all the other names were argued about or vetoed. 

If you have seen Mrs. Wersal in school then you know that her style is super spunky and cool. For all the people who are wondering what the inspiration is, read this: She said that she doesn’t really have a person who inspired the outfits, but she’s inspired by women she saw on Instagram or Pinterest. She has a lot more of a sporty/comfortable style at home. If she’s scrolling on instagram and sees a cute outfit it’s usually linked in the person’s bio so she buys the clothes.

Mrs. Wersal wanted to be a teacher because it’s different everyday. When Mrs. Wersal was younger, her dad would bring her to work for “bring your kid to work day”, and as much as she loved it, it was the same thing everyday. Unlike her dad, Mrs. Wersal’s mom is a 6th grade math teacher. In college, Mrs. Wersal went to her mom’s school and worked with students. It was a lot of fun and she decided that that is something she wanted to do. Mrs. Wersal loves when her students come into the classroom in a good mood, and get their work done.

Of course, I just had to ask about the most embarrassing thing that has happened to her as a teacher. Two years ago when her students were taking a quiz, Mrs. Wersal was sitting in her chair back at her desk. She was trying to lean and grab something off the floor when the chair somehow flipped out from under her and she fell on the floor. She said, “The kids were like, oh my god where did Mrs. Wersal go and I was just on the floor.” She tried blaming it on the tables and chairs, but knows she can be clumsy. 

Since we ran out of time, those are all the questions I could get. Mrs. Wersal is a super beautiful and understanding teacher. It’s going to be a super fun year with her roaming the hallways.