No More Books??

No More Books??

Trinity Standley, Section Editor

In the November issue of the General Outlook, we reported that the Douglas County library system was in danger. On Election Day, if citizens voted no to joining the Library Tax District, libraries across Douglas County were going to be closed. Sadly, that is exactly what is going to happen to the Roseburg Public Library.

Joining the Library Tax District was going to cost every household 44 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value on their homes. Most voters did not want to have their taxes go up, so they voted no; the measure failed 49% to 51%. Without meeting the required amount of money needed, the library must close, so Roseburg residents won’t be able to get books from there anymore.  This is affecting many families lives, and so some people are trying to raise enough funds to open it again.

If we had gotten enough votes to keep the library open, then the library would have been funded by the city. However, even if that had happened, we might still might have to pay $100 a year for a library card. Also, city departments and agencies would have to give part of their money to keep the library going as well. Sadly, this would take away money from the police departments, fire departments, and parks.

Roseburg city council said it wasn’t an easy decision to let the public vote. The motion only passed with a 5 to 3 vote. With that done, and since the vote failed, the library will be closing on April 1, but hopefully we can get it back again.