Not Your Ordinary Ice Cream

Jessica Florescu, Section Reporter

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Let’s get something straight. It’s agreed that ice cream is delicious no matter what flavor it is. You have vanilla, chocolate, and cookie dough to name a few. They’re tasty in dishes or on cones, but what if ice cream starts to get boring? Yes, it’s a crazy thought, but just take a moment to consider it. It’s like having the same thing for dinner every night, it gets old. It’s the same thing with ice cream; the ordinary flavors like vanilla and chocolate get boring. If ice cream gets boring, here are some unique flavors that are guaranteed to make mouths water.

First up is an ice cream flavor called Play-dough. Now the thought might be, why would anyone want to know what the stuff people mold with their hands tastes like? Don’t worry, it’s not going to taste like real play dough, and some people find it very tasty. The Play-dough ice cream Umpqua Dairy has is flavored with banana, blueberry, and cherry flavors and is colored yellow, blue, and red. If looking to find this ice cream, go to Sherm’s. Sherm’s is located on NW Stewart Parkway in Roseburg, OR. You can buy the Playdough flavor in the store to eat, and they take special orders for people who want to take it home. Most ice creams they can order, but some of them they can’t get.

Next is cotton candy flavored ice cream. This ice cream normally has a mixture of blue and pink for color and sometimes has bits of candy in it. Sweetness is some people’s thing, and this is the ice cream for that. This ice cream is sold in a lot of different places in a lot of different brands, but some places people can get it are Albertson’s and Walmart. It’s also sold at Sherm’s, but only in three gallon tubs.