Old Mascots at Fremont

Isaac Webb, Section Reporter

Our old mascot was a disaster! As recently as 1995, our mascot was a

cartoon-looking version of John C. Fremont, which would have been fine if it were someone else. But here are some reasons why it wasn’t fine.

One reason we shouldn’t use our old mascot is because of who  John C. Fremont was. Sure he was a general and was good at his job, but by many accounts he was a horrible person. According to ijpr.org, on John C. Fremont’s third expedition,  “10 raiders, including four Delaware Indians, attacked the village on May 10, 1846, killing 14 Indians.”

Another incident attributed to Fremont was, “ After the war, Frémont was court-martialed for disobeying superior officers. Frémont’s disgrace led to [Kit] Carson’s removal from the army,” says encyclopedia.com.

A problem with this is that RHS (Roseburg High School) just got the legal right to use the name Indians for their sport teams and other things.

Another problem with killing Indians is that is straight up murder. Another is that Indians are a really important part of a lot of American culture and are a very important part of history.

A possible different mascot we could use is John Charles Fremont Jr., who, according to Wikipedia, “was also in the US Navy and achieved the rank of rear admiral and he was the commander of the battleship of the USS Mississippi.”

Over all I feel like there’s a lot of cool mascots we could use instead of our current John C. Fremont, like John Charles Fremont Jr. We could also find other cool generals that are like him in some ways, but better than him because maybe they didn’t murder Indians. But that’s just an idea.