Opinion–Valentine’s Day


February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is coming up soon. It’s the holiday to celebrate all different types of relationships whether it’s a friendship or a dating relationship. You usually celebrate by getting one another things like candy, flowers, or jewelry. I dont know about anyone else, but I kind of feel like Valentines Day is stupid.  Do you need to waste money on gifts when that’s what birthdays and anniversaries are for? That’s just me though. There are so many different opinions about Valentine’s day so let’s hear them.

“I like Valentine’s day because it’s a fun way to show people you care about them,” Aubree Ferguson stated. If it isn’t obvious, Aubree likes the idea of Valentine’s day. In Aubree’s opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for “Love,” it’s for friendships. It’s also a day to just look forward to and celebrate if things aren’t going well. It distracts and gives you something to do. 

I decided to ask someone who agrees with me about Valentine’s day. “I think that it’s not exactly worthless because it brings people or like relationships together, but when you don’t have a relationship it really sucks,” Clover Fisher stated. Basically if maybe you are struggling with a friendship it reminds you about it and makes you feel alone.

Those are just two opinions about Valentine’s day. How do you feel about the holiday?