Original Fairy Tales or Disney’s Version?

Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

Disney has changed the original fairy tale stories a lot to keep them family friendly, because the originals were violent. For example, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, and many more had to change some events. I think that although they may be dark and not have great endings, they can be interesting at the same time. Do I think that the original fairy tales are better than what Disney had to change? I think that some of the original dark fairy tales can be better than the movies.

Normally in the Disney versions we watch, all have happy endings. People will already know what the plot will be when the movie begins. For example, in The Little Mermaid, Ariel traded her voice for legs, had to kiss the prince in a short amount of days before sunset while fighting Ursula’s spells, later defeat her, and then kiss the prince just as all other  princesses do in their own movies. In The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson, written in 1836, that doesn’t happen. When Ariel traded her voice for legs with the sea witch, every step she took felt like walking on knife blades. She was taken in by the prince, was loved by him, but the prince was set to marry a princess of a neighboring kingdom, her sisters cut off all of their hair to the sea witch to save her, and was given a knife to kill the prince to save herself or risk being turned into sea foam. She decided not to kill the prince and accepted her fate, but she is given a chance at the kingdom of heaven if she spends 300 years being the daughter of the air. It’s not that dark; the only dark thing about the original story was that every step she took felt like she was walking on knife blades. The story is just heartbreaking and touching, because she gave up everything to be with him and he chose someone else instead.

The original story of Snow White, written by The Brothers Grimm, isn’t that different from Disney’s version. Instead of the evil queen or stepmother of Snow White asking for Snow White’s heart, she asked for her liver and lungs. Snow White still eats from a poison apple and the prince still finds her, but he decides to take her in her coffin, and while they were walking a piece of the poison apple dislodges from her throat and she wakes up. The evil queen or stepmother didn’t fall off a cliff, but instead had to dance with glowing hot iron shoes until she dies. Disney only made about three changes to the story, but I feel like having a piece of the apple dislodge from her throat while being carried in a coffin makes more sense than having a “true love’s kiss” wake a sleeping princess. I guess it is considered romantic, but  getting a kiss from some random prince while being unconscious doesn’t sound romantic.

Taylor Coats in seventh grade says, “I like the original stories better, because it is cool to see where Disney got their ideas from. It’s different from the rest, and I’m the type of person who likes creepy stuff.” I do agree with Taylor that it is cool to hear the stories that Disney got some of his ideas from, and I like creepy, too, but Melany Escobedo in seventh grade had this to say: “When little kids watch the Disney movies, they think it’s all fun and everything, and when they learn the true story, it’s not as good as it was and people realize it’s fake.”

I kind of agree with Melany, because learning the actual story of it does ruin someone’s childhood. It did for me for a while, but when I watch Disney’s movies again, it is interesting to see all the changes they made.

In my preference, I think that the original fairy tales are a bit better than what Disney changed, because they always have the same plot and not all of the stories are that romantic. I just wouldn’t tell my future child or any young child where Disney got some of their ideas.