Own the Mat


Carmen Felgentrager, Editor-in-Chief

Wrestling is the sport of grappling with an opponent to try to throw or hold them down on the ground. It originated from the Sumerians 5,000 years ago. All grades at Fremont are able to do wrestling, unlike other sports which only seventh and eighth graders can participate in.

The wrestling coach is Dave Sparks. Dave has coached for many years at Fremont and the wrestlers look up to him. There are seven boys from sixth grade, eight boys and one girl from seventh grade, and fifteen boys in eighth grade.

Colton Mignola has been wrestling for eight years. His favorite thing about wrestling is pinning people with his favorite position, high crotch. Kyler Mills is in eighth grade and has been wrestling since seventh grade. His favorite part of wrestling is getting exercise and his favorite position to use is single leg. Justin Pollard has also been wrestling since seventh grade, and he enjoys hurting people in wrestling. Justin says, “I like to feel the moment when you win a match in front of all the people in the audience.”

This is Mia Moore’s first year of wrestling, and she takes an interest in wrestling because it is different from other sports. Mia likes to use the double leg to take people down. Mia is in seventh grade, as well as Oscar Stribling. Oscar has been wrestling the past two years. He sees pleasure from hurting people and likes to use the double leg takedown.

Landon Willis started wrestling this year. Landon enjoys the running in wrestling, and his favorite way of pinning people is with the double take down. Jack Banta has been wrestling for eight years. Of course, his favorite part is winning and his favorite position is the double leg takedown.

Sixth grade: James Seely, Connor Hendrick, Jack Banta, James Huselton, Roman Leaton, Kaleb Scheid, and Landon Willis.

Seventh grade: Broagan Rackley, Jesse McQueary, Matthew Burkey, Mia Moore, Oscar Stribling, Ryland O’Toole, Tanner Jones, Aaron Stringer.

Eighth grade: Gabriel Hart, Austin Cross, Justin Pollard, Carson Alexander, Colton Mignola, Dylan Sparks, Eli Hill, Grady Hamilton, Jordan White, Josh Huntley, Kyler Mills, Malakie Cartwright, Nolan Ronk, Preston Wells, Wyatt Mills.