P.E dress code

Leah Morris, Section Reporter

We all know the P.E dress code. For P.E we have to have a plain grey or white T-shirt, blue or black shorts [no spandex], and sneakers. They make us wear clothes that they think would be comfortable to exercise in. Well, there are mixed feelings about if they’re really comfortable or not. I personally was not comfortable in the P.E clothes. I felt embarrassed to exercise.

Other students agree that they are uncomfortable and should be changed. “The shirt is comfortable, but I feel like a boy in the shorts,” says Karli Daugherty.”

Madi Burke, another student who thinks the dress code should change, says “I feel embarrassed to exercise.”

Another thing wrong with the P.E dress code is that some people would rather exercise in clothes that aren’t what they require. I would much rather exercise in sweatpants and an old T-shirt. The kids of Fremont should wear what they feel comfortable to workout in. I’m not saying you should show up to P.E in flipflops and a dress. I’m just saying that the we should exercise in clothes that are appropriate but also comfortable.

I feel that if we had a free P.E dress code, people would like to go to P.E. I also feel that it would make Fremont students feel safe. They would feel that they could really be themselves, even in P.E. class. A free dress code in all could really positively impact this school.

P.E should be a class students exercise in, not a place that they feel uncomfortable. P.E is fun, but it would be more fun with a free dress code.