Plastic Knives At School

Levi Shumway, Section Reporter

In Fremont Middle School’s cafeteria, we have two utensils: plastic forks and plastic spoons. I have one question about this; how am I supposed to cut up my food? The plastic forks break when I try to use them to cut my food, and the spoons won’t work either. I know that many other students here at Fremont have the same issue.  When asked, Benjamin Hill stated, “I am incapable of cutting my food with a plastic fork.” He also said,”I believe that plastic knives would improve the lunch curriculum.”

I know that lots of people are probably worried that it is not safe having plastic knives here at school. To make sure students at Fremont stay safe, we can have strict punishments for those who abuse the plastic knives. On top of that, plastic forks are just as dangerous. The plastic forks aren’t abused, so I think that we should get plastic knives for the cafeteria. “When I was in high school, my school had real butter knives,” states Vern Shumway. If those high schoolers could be trusted with metal knifes, I think that we should be able to be trusted with plastic knives.