Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival


Andrew Pederson, Section Reporter

On Saturday April 16, there was a jazz festival in Pleasant Hill for middle and high schoolers in Oregon. There were people there from places like Salem, Eugene, and Roseburg. Fremont Jazz Band was one of the bands who went.

We left the school with JoLane at 9:20. When we got to Pleasant Hill, we went to a tiny warm-up room. After warming up, we had our performance. In my opinion, we sounded really good. After we performed we listened to JoLane play. They played really well. After that, we had a break for an hour and a half or so. During this time, we went to some food trucks that were in the Pleasant Hill high school grounds.

After we were on this break, we went inside this building and listened to a high school perform a Pink Panther arranged for jazz band. Then, we had another break. After that break, we listened to a guest performance. Their first song lasted 45 minutes! After they played, the announcers called up the people who scored. Fremont ended up getting 3rd and getting a trophy! All in all, it was a pretty great day.

Image courtesy of Karalyn Soffer