Redmond Motel Crime

Seira Lee , Section Reporter

Eugene man, James Lamb was charged with bias crime, attempted murder, and strangulation after attacking the owner of the Redmond Motel. 53 year old James Lamb targeted the owner because of her ethnicity. She is a 70 year old Indian. James Lamb expressed the desire to rid America of people like her which was stated by the Deschutes county press.

The A.P. report says this is what happened. James was a guest at the Redmond motel and he asked to make a long distance call at the night window. The victim or the owner told him to come back when it’s morning. Then James grabbed her by the hair, broke into the office and then attacked her. The woman is very injured and has a lot of broken bones but fortunately, is expected to make a recovery. The woman provided a testimony from her hospital bed and Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said “Because of this woman’s strength, and because the Oregon Legislature passed a law last year to strengthen Oregon’s hate crime law, justice will be delivered in this case. Hate is not tolerated in Deschutes County.” James Lamb is expected to appear in court friday. When James Lamb’s mugshot was taken he appeared to be smiling in the picture. 


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