Return of the Children

Jenna Fay, Editor-in-Cheif

After almost a whole year away, students have once again been able to attend school in person. It may not be the same with the guidelines we must follow for safety precautions, but Fremont Middle School has come up with a way to make schooling easier. Hybrid learning is a safe and easy way for kids to go back to school, in person, 2 days a week. There is an A day and a B day, to which kids are sorted into by last name, and go to school on those certain days they are assigned. There is an option to not go back to school. If a parent or a student didn’t want their child or themselves to return back to school for this quarter, they weren’t required to. Philip Dehart, an 8th grade student at Fremont Middle school, attends school on Mondays and Thursdays. “I’m relieved to be back,” Philip states. Many students and teachers are excited to see a lot of the kids back in school. Philip’s favorite part about being back in school is seeing his friends and favorite teachers. Giavanna Tatone, an 8th grade student at FMS, says, “My favorite part about being back is getting to see my friends, especially the ones I haven’t seen in awhile.”
School can be hard, but it can be even harder by doing it through a screen. Giavanna and Philip find learning much easier being in a classroom participating. It’s an amazing thing that kids can go back to school to socialize and learn in a good environment. Even though not everything can go right back to how it was before the pandemic, it’s a nice relief to get back into school.