Roseburg Public Schools Bond

Roseburg Public Schools Bond

Ryne Wilson, Section Editor

It is no mystery to the Fremont student body that the infrastructure at our school is absolutely terrible. There is a wide list of problems rooted directly with the school building. The roofing is in terrible condition, the HVAC systems need to be replaced, many classroom walls, ceilings, and floors are old and in need of repair–and that’s only scratching the surface of the issues here. For some kids, the only probable solution is to tear the decrepit building down and rebuild it entirely, and simply to forget that old Fremont ever existed.

However, recently, a new hope has come up that will bring vast change to all of the school building’s innumerable and vast problems. The Roseburg Public Schools Community Bond Development Committee and the School Board have recognized all of these immense flaws in the buildings of not just Fremont, but all schools in the district. To resolve this mess, they have selected $154 million in investments from a wide variety of sources to fund a total revamp of the school buildings, which would be a change that is long overdue.

The four priorities that this massive money grant would resolve is addressing health, safety, and security, repairing and updating aging school buildings, expanding student opportunities, and remodeling the heritage building (old main) at Roseburg High School. Building emergency generators and secure entrances, renovating elementary school playgrounds, installing new plumbing, roofing and electrical systems, and replacing middle school tracks are just a fraction of the changes that will be made.

And it’s not just Fremont being supported–12 schools across the school district, all in vast need of remodeling, repair, and replacement, will be helped with their unique infrastructure and building struggles. Specifically for our school, we will be receiving every upgrade you could think of–and then some. On top of the massive reforms already listed, our track and field is going to be completely redone, as we are going to expand and remodel it, and get synthetic turf on our football field as well. These improvements will make the learning experience and environment so much more positive and enjoyable for all children.

One of the eighth grade students at Fremont, Hayden Wier, is totally in support of passing the bond. “The measure will improve many things in our school, especially the quality of life things, such as getting a new track and field so we can use it all day, all year. And with things like getting better cooling and heating, our time in the school will be much more enjoyable.”

But in order for this state money to be accessed by the district, enough people need to vote for it. Tell your parents/guardians to vote for Bond Measure 10-187 this upcoming May, as the only way this bond will pass and for us to rebuild our schools for the good is to vote for this money to pass into our schools. Spread the word to every adult you know that lives here, and so that we can learn in this school district just a little bit better.

Feature image courtesy of The News Review