Safe Oregon, It’s not a Joke

LeeAnn Laub, Section reporter

Representatives from Cow Creek tribe, Darlene Chapman and Scott Davis, came to Fremont to talk about Safe Oregon and QPR. What is Safe Oregon? Safe Oregon is a suicide hotline group that helps people of all ages reconsider the thought of suicide and, if needed, to get them hospitalised. QPR is a technique to help save people’s lives. The “Q” stands for question; question a person about suicide. “P” stands for persuade; persuade someone to get help. And the “R” stands for refer; refer someone to the appropriate resource.

    Some things to consider about suicidal people is that they tend to resist treatment, they often use drugs and/or alcohol as a psychological pain medication, they may see suicide as the solution to their problem, they may hide their level of despair, go undetected and go untreated.   

Fear, denial, shock and anger are some expected and normal reactions to someone whose words or behavior suggest they want to end their life, but it is of utmost importance to tell an adult if someone may be wanting to hurt themselves or possibly be considering suicide.

Please do not joke about killing yourself, because it’s a serious issue in the world now a days, people might take it the wrong way and become worried for you!

Hotlines: 1-800-273-TALK (8255); 844-472-3367; Youth line open 4pm-10pm, 877-968-8491; Trevor project 24/7 crisis and suicide intervention for LGBT+ youth 866-488-7386; text START to 678678 Monday-Friday noon-7pm.