SBAC Testing Tips!

SBAC Testing Tips!

Rocco Brand, Section Reporter

As we all know in about a week the SBAC testing will begin. Now it is difficult for us students to focus or understand questions sometimes. There are often solutions to these problems! Now when you take state testing there are two types, math and language arts, plus science for 8th graders.

When taking these tests, you can feel overwhelmed or stressed. There are ways to calm these emotions. You can try breathing exercises, try counted breathing. “As you inhale , place your tongue on the roof of your mouth right behind your teeth. Then slowly start counting down from five; on the exhale, let the air escape through your mouth and count back up to eight” (Scott, How to Reduce Stress With Breathing Exercises).

Setting your own pace in the test can help you a lot. Making sure you are reading the questions and trying to understand them to your full extent. Sometimes when you get stuck on a question it’s best to skip it for now. You can learn more information on the next question to help you with the one you are stuck on.

Don’t put yourself down! Remember you got this, just try your hardest and don’t give up. Make sure you take your time and don’t care about what the people around you are doing. Try not to be bothered by little things. There will be some questions you don’t understand, it’s okay! That means there is room for improvement. If you don’t understand something and can’t get any more information on it, make your best educated guess.

SBAC is hard, I understand that. Try your best and understand others around you are probably feeling the same way. Take deep breaths, calm yourself down, get sleep, and eat the most important meal of the day; Breakfast! Keep high spirits and I wish you luck. Go do great on the test!