School Dances or Boarding School Dances?

Bethany Sanderlin , Opinion Reporter

Do you think that the dances here are a little strict? The dances here last year where not as strict as they were last year. They were actually pretty flexible and didn’t have a problem with people dancing close to each other or other things that people would do in a middle school relationship. Now dances feel like they are as strict as boarding school rules. 

One of the rules are that you have to be an arm’s length away from your partner. I disagree with this rule because some people honestly don’t care about this rule at all. If you are dancing with someone, you obviously want to get close especially if you are in a relationship with that person. My main issue with the dances is that the rules aren’t enforced to everyone when they dance close to each other. Some couples are told to split up, while others are left alone.  I agree that Public Display of Affection should not be allowed in school, and I totally understand that,but, like the touching rule, I have seen this rule not being enforced 24/7. If some kids are being asked to stop with the PDA, but others are not, it makes the students feel targeted. It makes it feel like they don’t want to be there. 

There is also a problem with the playlist that they play during the dance. It sounds like they put it on repeat and don’t add any cool songs that are popular or any older songs. Maybe they should ask Mr. Hughes to change the playlist for each dance, that way we have more options. 

I wish these rules can change because it would be better and people wouldn’t hate on the dances. In my personal opinion I see many people who would think that these changes should be in the next dance.