School magazine update!

Kennady Christensen, Section Editor

Do you want a chance to have your art, photography, or writing in the school magazine? Then you can submit a drawing, a poem, a photo, or even a short story. Submit your work to Mrs. Danielson in her box in the front office! Your work will have a chance to be put into our school magazine! Get them in quick, as this year’s deadline is December 14, 2018.
There’s also a chance to get your drawing on the front cover! Come up with an original image that involves a rising sun, and our favorite will get to be on the front cover. If someone tries to come up with an image, but doesn’t make the front cover, then don’t worry, you submission will be put somewhere else in the magazine as long as it is appropriate. We won’t accept anything with violence, blood, gore, profanity, or inappropriate content. All submissions will be checked over thoroughly. Remember, plagiarism is not okay, so don’t forget to be original and creative!