Scoreboard Enters the Twenty-First Century!

Kaia Deaton, Section Reporter

There have been many new changes here at Fremont Middle School, but one of the biggest is the incredible new scoreboard we just recently got for our main gym. One question many people might want answered might be, what was wrong with the old one?

“The old one was getting difficult to operate. The wires had been replaced many times before, and if anything was accidentally done or misplaced, it was hard to correct,” said Mr.Snelling.

The new scoreboard is just one of the things that our wonderful Fremont staff and P.T.O have done. They’ve even done more, such as getting our athletes new uniforms. These new changes, along with the beautiful cafeteria floor that was replaced a couple of years ago, have given our athletes the best sports experience we can give them. So take the time to appreciate the newly updated sports equipment, which does in fact include the new scoreboard that we hope will stay with us for many years to come.