Kaila Nunley, Section Reporter

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Ever heard of scrip? Well, scrip is a fundraising program that our PSA has brought to Fremont this year. So what are scrip cards? Scrip cards are gift cards that can be used at favorite stores and shops. Customers use the scrip card to pay for what they already normally buy, while at the same time donating money to the school they bought the card from. There are many cards to choose from; someone can get a card for Dutch Bros. (who donates up to 50% of the cards value) or other popular stores around the state. Most of the time there is a certain percentage set to donate. Local restaurants such as Abby’s and Sonic give 20% back to Fremont, and places like Splitz, McMenamins, Logger’s, McDonald’s, and more give back 10%.

Scrip cards are very important to our PSA members. It helps them raise a great amount of money to help our school. And our school is not the only one that has a PSA or scrip cards. Many other schools have scrip cards, because they are an excellent way to raise money for schools. We may have a scrip card for a store that you absolutely love, so go ahead and shop while helping the school.