Should We Have Phones In Class?


Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

Having phones in class has been a problem for awhile. Even if there is a phone policy established in the class, students still use their phones. So, the question is, should we have phones at all in class? Students should have permission from the teacher to be on their phones instead of going on it because they are bored or want to reply to a text.

Being on a phone during class is disrespectful to the teacher because they are trying to teach the class something that could help in the future. Not only is it disrespectful, it is a distraction to the student and their peers who are trying to learn or study. Students can also use their phones to cheat on an assignment and say that they were just “checking the time” or “texting their mom back.” If it is an emergency then it is okay to be on a phone with permission, but otherwise it isn’t. Some teachers may allow their students to go on their phones and listen to music because the class is doing some independent work, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to go on social media or play games.

When someone looks at their phone, it usually takes five minutes to focus again. Some important information might not be stored in your brain which can lead the person to stress out. A blog by Concordia University Portland says, “Child predators are a problem everywhere. Using digital devices at school creates just that much more exposure and potential danger for students.” It is good to have a social life, but people should watch out because the internet can be dangerous. According to Consumer Reports, “Cell phone theft is a problem in America with 3.1 million cell phones being stolen in 2013.” The child might lose their phone or have it stolen if they don’t keep it in a safe place.

We should use our phones appropriately and at an appropriate time. People don’t like having a conversation or teaching someone who is going to give all their attention to their phones. None of us should abuse our privilege of having phones in Fremont because some schools don’t allow their students to have them at all.