Strive For Less Than 5

Levi Shumway, Section Reporter

The five day challenge. Teachers are talking about it and there are posters up around the school, but what are the details? The five day challenge challenges students to have less than five days absent, because the more days you are absent, the more likely you are to drop out of high school.
25% of kids will drop out of high school. That’s not good, because if you drop out of high school, your job options are slim to none. I’m sure that students here at Fremont don’t WANT to drop out of high school, but they get into a habit of not coming to school in middle school, move onto high school, don’t show up, and then can’t get caught up and eventually drop out. How can we stop this from happening? Let me list a few ways families can help with the Strive For Less Than 5 Challenge.

1.Build routines for the morning and evening. This includes homework and getting ready for school in the morning.
2.Talk about regular attendance and why it is important.
3.Don’t permit missing school unless you have a doctor’s appointment or are truly sick.
4.Try to avoid long trips and medical appointments while school is in session.
5.Develop back up plans for getting to school. Ask family members or neighbors for help.
6.Seek support from school staff or community groups for transportation, health problems, or no safe path to school. The staff is here for everyone.

These are a few ideas to help make sure everyone graduates high school and gets the jobs they want.