Students Are Finally Back to Regular School

Lily McMurtrey, Section Reporter

Schools are finally getting back to normal. Students are going to school five days a week with seven classes. However, there is still a pandemic going on, so students must wear a mask. Students are getting to see their friends again and hopefully learn something new. There are good things and bad things about going back to school full time. 

One student says, ¨ It’s better to be learning in-person because there are more instructions.¨ Being at school the teachers can talk to you and give better information rather than over Zoom. Another 8th grade student says, ¨ It’s easier to learn in-person because you get better help and the teachers can actually help you.¨. For a lot of people it’s easier to learn when you are in a learning environment. ¨I prefer 4 classes but 7 is better for being at school,¨ said a 8th grader. 

A student’s parent said, ¨ I like having kids in school for the social part of school. And I don’t like having kids at home all the time.¨  Lots of students are happy because they can talk with their friends and hang out a lot more. With being back to school students can make new friends. A 6th grader says, ”the best thing being back in classrooms is being able to talk to teachers and friends.¨

School can be very stressful, especially because of the pandemic, which is why some students prefer to stay home. Most kids like being back to school though. Hopefully, this year will be great and  students will stay healthy.