Teacher Feature: Mr. Becherer!


Sage Meyer, Section Reporter

Mr. Becherer is personally my favorite teacher. He likes to make everything fun. I had an interview with him and here are a few words that he said. He went to school at University of Oregon and studied music. Mr. Becker had always wanted to be a band teacher since middle school, but he did have second thoughts about it.  He wanted to play the oboe but then this job showed up and he just had to take it. 

He plays the oboe and this job at Fremont was a big jump for him. He did not know if he was ready for it  but he said that he was really glad he took it. Mr. Becherer decided to be a band teacher because all of his band teachers were the ones that he looked forward to seeing every day and he wanted to be that teacher for other students.  His favorite class is guitar but it was a very close call. In conclusion, Mr. Becherer is an amazing teacher and we are all glad to have him at our school!