The Importance of Electives


Ryne Wilson, Section Reporter

Elective classes are a lot more critical to your life as a student than you may think. After all, electives are simply non-core classes, or classes that don’t teach language arts, math, social studies or science. The sole purpose of elective classes is to ensure that all students are able to explore other fields of study that aren’t directly included in standard instruction and curriculum and to encourage them to explore new things. Both are great reasons to have a variety of electives available in school.

Electives like Choir and Band offer massive opportunities in regards to music. Students in Band are allowed a wide variety of instruments to play, a massive leap into a new region of study. This applies mostly to 6th Graders just entering the broad variety of elective classes, many of whom would never be able to engage in this passion otherwise.  Classes like Art, Technology, Video Broadcasting and Woodworking present large amounts of room for creativity in many forms, and allow students to use a variety of tools and materials to effectively create brilliant pieces of work that, again, would most likely not be provided to them outside of school.

  Many other classes, such as Modern Issues and Film History , offer a more educational approach to electives. Despite that, they are still largely interactive and, again, ensure that students can take more knowledge from their school than just what they are expected to learn, and generally lecturing them on information that is best learned at a young age.

Leadership and Publications are both electives where you must either apply or be recommended for to enter, and demand a lot of responsibility and effort while also giving students a stepping stone to more elitist organizations in high school. 

 If electives were removed from the school, (an idea that is absurd and impossible but still imaginable), your life as a student would be a lot more dull without passions to chase. Electives are perhaps the greatest instructional addition to our school, and to every school that has them available to students.