The newest season of Rupauls Drag Race is different from the older seasons, here’s why.

Lily McMurty, Section Reporter

Rupaul’s Drag Race is a reality tv show where a group of drag queens come on and compete for the crown. This is the 13th season of Drag Race. In this season of Rupaulś Drag Race, there are 13 queens. In each episode, the queens have a mini-challenge then the main challenge. At the end of the episode, they are judged on their performance and their drag looks for the night. The bottom two girls will lip sync for their lives. Whoever wins the lip sync will stay in the competition and the other will sashay away and go home. The winner of the season will get the title of ̈Amerciaś Next Drag Superstar, a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, and a cash prize of 100,000 dollars.
This season of drag race was a little different because in the first episode were usually all the queens come in and meet each other. Only two came in at a time for 6 different lip syncs. I personally liked how they did because you can see which queens are the best lip syncers. They had to lip-sync on the main stage and in front of all the judges. Whoever won the lip sync got to stay. Whoever lost got the pork chop. The queens who lost were all in the porkchop loading dock. On the walls were pictures of first eliminated queens, and of course Porkchop who famously went home first on season 1. Most of the queens I was rooting for to win the lip sync got the pork chop. The porkchop queens were told to vote on a queen to send home. They all voted for the queen they wanted to send home. RuPaul had a twist, the queen they chose to eliminate joined the winning group of queens.
The winning queens had their first challenge, they had to do a musical. They came up with lyrics they would either rap or sing. I did not like the lyrics they came up with for the song. But in that episode, I really liked Gottmik and Symone. In the next episode, the porkchop queens had to do the same thing. I did love the song they did for this episode. I like all the porkchop queens but I especially like Utica. In the fourth episode of the season, the first queen went home. So far in the season, only six queens have gone home, in the three months, it has been out. It is rumored to be the longest season in the show. I want Utica to win. But Symone, Rosa, and Oliva are also deserving of the crown. We will have to keep watching to see who will win and become America’s Next Drag Superstar.