The Situation in Ukraine



FILE PHOTO: Ukraine’s biggest national flag on the country’s highest flagpole and the giant ‘Motherland’ monument are seen at a compound of the World War II museum in Kyiv, Ukraine, December 16, 2021. Picture taken with a drone. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Ryne Wilson, Section Editor

As many of you will know, Russia is not a nation known for its peaceful handling of problems with other countries. And right now, that is being displayed by Russia’s de facto declaration of war against Ukraine, and to quote the British prime minister–”Russia plans the biggest war in Europe since 1945.” This is a monumental moment in history, and will decide the next course that not only the European theater will take, but for the entire world as well.

In the past few months, tensions have been ramping up massively between Ukraine and Russia for many reasons, the main one being Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is an alliance between many nations like the US, Britain, France, and Germany. NATO is obviously opposed to Russian expansion, and thus it would be very damaging to Russia if a NATO nation was bordering it. This, and combined with the fact that Putin makes absurd claims that the Ukrainian government is filled with neo-nazis, placed there by Western nations, and their leader is a drug addict and nazi (he is in fact not either of which, and is also Jewish) built tension between the two powers over Ukraine. In fact, ever since Russia occupied a part of Ukraine called Crimea all the way back in 2014, tensions between the two countries have been a very slippery slope. Putin has always seen his actions against Ukraine as a sort of liberation for the Ukrainian people, and not a bloody war of conquest.

For most of the early times of the current conflict, diplomacy was mainly used to try and naturally defuse the situation. However, that has now failed, and despite many European nations backing Ukraine, as well as the current President slamming Putin with sanctions, Russia has been using artillery to shell civilian locations in eastern Ukraine, and has supported communist terrorist groups in Ukraine as well. In fact, Russia is the only nation in the world to recognize the groups not as rebels but actual nations, referred to as the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic. Russia has also moved troops into those two Republics, a direct violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.

But now, all of that violent buildup, that political tension has spilled out when Putin publicly announced he will be performing military operations inside of Ukraine, a blatant declaration of war and an assault on democracy in Eastern Europe. Now, massive amounts of Russian troops are charging into Ukraine, committing war crimes and targeting civilian zones–and the thing is, many Russian soldiers, especially conscripts, either have no idea what they are being told to do or are being ordered to attack innocent people.

This is not a joke. This has never been a joke. These are human beings dying at the hands of the puppet soldiers of warmongering maniacs. This is not a topic to make memes about, there are people being shelled by artillery in their own houses, with their families and friends. These are people whose lives are being torn apart, their rights and individual freedoms being stripped away. Don’t take this as a war of American politics, don’t chew out Biden for his weak boycotts or Trump for calling Putin a genius and savvy guy. Don’t make WW3 jokes, this isn’t a game, none of you are going to go fight the nation with the world’s largest nuclear stockpile. Don’t start hating innocent Russian people, who are likely opposed to war and will be hit hard personally by economic sanctions on their own country, not to mention the fact that Russians and Ukrainians have very close ethnic ties.

It’s time for you to wake up. It’s time to realize that freedom isn’t free. Ukrainians and their peaceful, developing nation are going to be crushed. And no, we can’t fight Russia, we can’t fight any nation like Russia or China without it all ending with nukes. Use common sense here–you can fight with words and ideas. Fly a Ukrainian flag outside your house. Rally on social media in defense of Ukraine. At the very least–rather than spend your afternoons and evenings on TikTok or Instagram–you could be looking at Ukraine’s situation, praying for these people whose rights that we have everyday are about to be stomped out. Ukraine is not yet lost–and it never will be, as long as you have their people in your heart and mind. So let us stand with a nation you have likely never heard of, but are aligned closely with due to our love of freedom and liberty. And with that, our cries must be heard loud and clear everywhere–Slava Ukraini!