The Way of Kings Book Review


Seira Lee, Section Editor

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is the first book in a ten-book fantasy series, The Stormlight Archives. It is set in the world Roshar There is a war going on between the Alethi and Parshendi. The book is about 3 protagonists: Kaladin, a former soldier who is now a slave. Shallan, a witty teenager who wants to save her family. And Dalinar, a highprince having mysterious visions. This book is a great read. The characters, world-building, and descriptions are excellent. The one thing that may discourage readers is the length and that is covered as well.
First and foremost, the characters in the books were impressive overall. The female lead Shallan is intriguing and witty. She breaks out of her comfort zone numerous times proving to the reader that she is brave in her own way. One excerpt from the book that proves this is “She looked at Shallan, glancing her over. “You are very determined. That is good. And I know why you wish so desperately to be my ward.” Shallan persisted even though it could have caused conflict.
The most controversial part of the story is the length. Many readers will say that the book is too lengthy, having over one thousand pages. The length may be intimidating for some but the three narratives make the story go a lot quicker. The interludes may seem unnecessary and Kaladin’s flashbacks were a little boring at times. If you are not into long books I suggest you read Elantris or The Emperor’s Soul.
Lastly, the character descriptions were satisfactory. When the author describes the characters it would be from the narrator’s point of view. One example would be how various characters describe Dalinar. Dalinar’s son, Adolin says this “his features blocky rather than delicate. It was the face of a warrior.” He goes on to say that most women would think he’s not that good-looking. This is a lot different than Navani’s description. She is Dalinar’s friend and describes him as handsome.
In conclusion, the book is an amazing read. If you like fantasy and excellent world-building you will definitely like the Way of the Kings series. The series is going to have a total of 10 books and 4 of them are actually out. Reading long book series may not suit the reader, Emperor’s Soul is a good alternative.