TikTok: Good or Bad?


Alice Graham, Editor

Many can relate to this: You lay down at night and think that you are just going on your TikTok for a bit just to relax, but then you stay on for hours and you don’t even notice how the time has passed. A lot of teenagers stay on TikTok for 1 to 3 hours a day. That is 12.5% of your day. If you take the 7 hours you spend at school and the given hour it takes for you to sometimes get home, that is 18.75% out of the time you have off. If we are not thinking about the 7 hours of sleep one usually gets, then it’s 33.3%. Even if we take some away, that is still a lot of time to spend on an app a day. After a while, don’t you think it is bound to have negative or positive effects?

TikTok is a very successful social media app designed by Bytedance and presented in 2017. Many people, including kids, teens, and adults, spend most of their useful time on it. However, from the point of view of kids and teenagers, it is a good app for creativity and entertainment, if it is used for free time only. The article, “Impacts of Tiktok on our society | Positives and the negatives” says, “TikTok serves as a great form of entertainment in the Nepalese society. This application allows individuals to dance, expand their friends’ network and hone their creative skills too.”

However, TikTok has been misused by people creating fake accounts, scams, and adult sites that are commonly found.  From the article “Opinion | TikTok is ruining this generations’ mental health” Toriana Rollins, senior media arts and design major said, “Plus-size people try to embrace themselves, but TikTok won’t let them use the platform to do that.” Apart from these issues, teens keep their eyes on it all night and make videos and chat with strangers. They do not get proper sleep, which is very harmful to their health.  “I think Tiktok has a negative impact on us, depending on your ‘For You page’. Sometimes people can get eating disorders from what’s on the page. Some people also get really bad hate in the comments,” said 8th grader Mckenzie Castillo-Herrera.

TikTok has both good and bad effects; it entirely depends on the user. However, if you have boundaries for how much time you spend it could help you stay focused and active in your time and life. Like all social media, think about how it will affect how you are everyday and how it will affect you negatively or positively.