Track & Field 2022


Kaia Edwards, Section Editor

“Track and field is a sport that includes athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing skills.” (Oxford Dictionary) Track and Field is a sport in which student athletes not only compete against, but thrive jointly. The sport’s components vary in length, difficulty, and extremity. It is accepting of anyone who dares themselves a challenge, or people who simply want to have fun.

Track and field is a fruitful sport that, at Fremont, is led with integrity. Not only is it coached by perseverance itself, but also amazing people. Ms. Chasteen, Mrs. Ibarra, Mr. Hendry, and Mr. Yutzie are Fremont’s Track and Field leaders. They work hard to not only improve the stamina of their athletes, but to ensure a good time. Since the first practice, these coaches have shown true color by incorporating enjoyable activities into each exercise. For example, the coaches, because they have their own experience, are kind to students and understanding of their struggles. They provide a safe environment for student athletes to cooperate with each other while still being independent.

The parts of this sport in which students are allowed the freedom of independence is in one their decision to do track entirely, of course. But not just that, students are also able to choose which events within track and field they would like to participate in competitively. The events range from running, or track, to throwing and jumping, which makes up the field. Practices last from 2:30PM up until 4:00PM. They are hosted everyday, right after school. 

Looking forward to not only the first meet, but an entire successful season that will set the road to the beginning of Summer!