Trump Care?

Chantell Steele, Section Reporter

President Obama is leaving the White House, and this might also mean that Obama Care, or the Affordable Care Act, will be leaving with him. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, is a health insurance reform law that gives anybody access to insurance if needed, especially people who don’t get health insurance through their employers, who have preexisting conditions, or who can’t otherwise afford health insurance.

This act may take a couple months to take down, but a new health insurance to replace it may take a year or two. Some people who voted for Trump did not realize that this insurance would be taken away. Many Americans have benefited from The Affordable Care Act, either because they had low paying jobs with no benefits or they were unemployed completely. Before the ACA, many people who had low paying jobs and a family had to pay more money than they could afford for health insurance.

Like every good idea, there were flaws. Obama Care made taxes higher, and higher premiums were needed to pay for Obama Care. Some people also found their choice of doctors limited. But many people also thought that the ACA affects the quality of patient care, but that’s not 100% fair. Say a poor person and a rich person stand outside in the rain. It’s the same rain, is it not? A person’s wealth doesn’t determine how wet they get, so why can’t a person with cheaper insurance get as good as care as anyone else?

With many people enraged about this, how will it turn out? Will Congress come up with a health insurance plan like Obama Care. Will we call it Trump Care? There are pros and cons to ACA, or Obama care, but shouldn’t the pros of people in need with preexisting health conditions outweigh the cons of citizens getting mad about taxes?

For people who can’t afford health insurance taking this insurance away would be like a knife in their back. So many people will be without affordable health insurance without The Affordable Care Act to depend on