Trump’s Plans to Make America Great Again

Kaylea Frost, Guest Reporter

Donald Trump became our forty-fifth president on January 20, 2017. He was sworn in at the Washington Monument in Washington D. C. Over the course of his campaign, Donald Trump made many campaign promises, but how many will actually happen?

As of January 23, 2017, President Trump signed the papers to start building the wall, saying that it will be paid for by Mexico and will be 1,900 miles long. The wall will cost anywhere from $12-15 billion. Trump, in an interview with ABC News, said, “All it is, is, we will be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we’ll make from Mexico.” This tells us that we will be paid back for the cost of building the wall. Some people believe that the wall won’t stop people from Mexico coming into the United States, while others believe that the wall will stop them.  

President Trump has made many other promises such as banning Muslims from the United States for a little while, making tax cuts, and imposing tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico. Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims temporarily due to the shooting in San Bernadino in 2016 among other reasons.

President Trump is also promising to cut taxes, which will save the U.S. over $10 trillion in a decade. However, by imposing tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico, things we buy from those countries when we need them will be twice as much if not more, but we also have the right to agree or disagree to trade agreements.

The big question is, will Donald Trump keep these promises? If so, when will the changes happen? Let’s see how great he can make America. Hopefully he can make it good. There will be some major changes to our country, but we will get used to the changes. There are many more changes to come.