U-Can Food Drive Wrap-Up

V Vassar, Section Reporter

This winter John C. Fremont Middle School had it’s canned food drive. Over 10,000 pounds worth of cans were donated, which is over the goal that had been set. A great amount of people contributed, and it was nice to see so many students donating to help those in need.

It ranged from November 22 to December 15. The top 5 classes were Bezdek with 1,383, Guiterrez with 607, Snelling with 575, Chasteen with 389, and Hoque with 350. “One of the big benefits of doing the U-Can food drive here is letting students be able to do good for someone else, as it is better to give than to receive,” said Mr. Hoque. 

Overall, it was a pleasant charity event for those less fortunate, and those who donated really showed what it’s like to be a Fremont General.