Unbreakable Phones

Unbreakable Phones

MaryCate Moe, Section Editor

As many of you might have seen the memes surfacing the internet, the original Nokia phone is presumed to be practically indestructible. People have claimed to have taken hammers to it and even thrown the phone on the floor without it getting damaged.

The creation of the Nokia 3310 was announced on September 1, 2000. It was officially released during the third quarter of the year. The phone was very successful, selling 126 million units worldwide.  It was the first mobile phone to have SMS messaging, a fully internal antenna, and the beloved game “Snake” along with a smaller, sleeker appearance than the Nokia 3210, the phone that had come before it.

The Nokia, unlike today’s phone, did not have bluetooth, GPS, a camera or a radio. Though, don’t let what it didn’t have discourage you. The Nokia featured a clock, alarm, four games, seventeen languages, smart messaging, voice dial, calculator, mobile chat mode for SMS, profiles, and a currency converter. The display featured dynamic font sizes, softkeys, screensavers and welcome messages. It also had six ringing tone levels and ten volume levels. It even had a removable battery that is supposed to last for 2-3 hours.

I guess you could say the Nokia is pretty unbreak- I mean.. unforgettable. This phone has shaped a lot of the phones we use today. Without the creation of the Nokia, who knows what we’d be using today?