We Are NOT Fake!!!


Kyler Blocher, Section Editor


A new rumor has been roaming around and blatantly attacking credible editors and reporters of the news, which includes OUR OWN STAFF and the staff of other news teams around the globe. KPIC, CNN, KVAL, and many other news organizations, both print and online, have been accused of reporting “fake news.” Anyone who has spread this horrible, incorrect rumor clearly doesn’t know how hard journalists have to work to report the news, and to report it correctly.

The amount of research done is astronomical. Sites are always cited, (that sounds weird, but it’s important), and pictures always have captions. We have include these bits of information so that our “customers,” the readers, can go and check the facts for themselves–or get more information that wasn’t included in the article. The “quotation marks” were created so that the reader can know that whatever was written between them was a direct quote that came from whoever the subject was. Almost every aspect of news reporting is designed to give accurate and important information to the public.

So what is “fake news,” then? One form of “fake news” is click bait. Sometimes, clickbait is real, an actual image from the article. But most of the time it is a picture that is very remotely or sometimes not at all relevant to the article or video, like an advertisement. But the majority of fake news is just a story that is not at all true. One of the first times that “fake news” was used was in the Spanish-American War. A very widely-known newspaper publisher published articles that said completely wrong things about why the war should happen. They got the people all fired up for a war that was only really happening because it had a strong chance to help America financially.

But one thing that I don’t get is why people are getting so mad about it now. I mean, it’s not like this is something that’s happened for the first time. As BBC News stated, “The deliberate making up of news stories to fool or entertain is nothing new.” And yet here we are, with many credible, reliable news teams being lumped together with unreliable sources of information in an effort to undermine the credibility of EVERYONE who reports the news. Is seems clear that faith in the press is at an all time low. And many politicians, both liberal and conservative, want the public to believe that journalists are lying when they report on stories that make those politicians look bad. Here’s a news flash: just because a reporter expresses an opinion that differs from our own, or states a fact that we wish wasn’t true, it doesn’t mean that they are reporting FAKE news! It may be unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

So I urge everyone to spread the truth, just like (almost), all the news teams out there do. Just check the facts and cite your sources when you do.